Art is a tool to be a creator, not a spectator.
It’s a means to feel alive!

Are you like so many who currently feel out of balance, isolated, and a general heaviness about you? The challenges our communities are facing, mixed with the personal struggles you carry may have you feeling unmotivated, tapped-out and barely surviving.

Art may be your solution.


I invite you to come on a journey with me as you learn to squelch your self-doubt, express yourself through creation, and enjoy the gift of mindful self-compassion through art. Expressing yourself artistically helps feel an immediate self gratification and satisfaction. My goal is to bring people together to help boost your mood and explore the gift of compassion.

Hand holding paintbrush up to painting


Perfect for the busy adult, these art classes provide the eager learner a safe environment to explore, express and unwind. Art creates space for introspection, meditation. and even beautiful creation. Come discover how carving time out each week for art can transform your life from going through the motions, to having better understanding, love and compassion for yourself. Gain the tools to paint, not only beautiful pieces of art, but also the ability to create the life you truly want.

Youth Classes

The lessons our kids are living can be the catalyst for isolation, fear, and resentment, OR they can come out of this pandemic season having discovered resilience, connection, and inspiration.  Art classes can be the gift that helps them silence their self-critic, learn to transform their imagination into reality, and live with inspiration! Art can't solve all the problems, but it can be a tool to help inspire beauty and prove possibilities.




Jodi Painting

About Jodi Bean

Certified MSC teacher, artist, and musician. Jodi received her BA in Art History and has studied art all around the world. She lived in China for 7 years where she was able to study Chinese watercolor and calligraphy and jewelry design. She studied the art of kintsugi (gold fused pottery) in Japan in a small town outside of Kyoto. Her main medium is Encaustic which is an ancient art form of painting with wax. You can also find her striking up her fiddle with her bluegrass band or playing in the local symphony. She has taught art and music in the Sammamish, Washington community for 14 years. Becoming a certified MSC teacher has made it possible to help others find greater peace and more joy in their lives through mindful self-compassion. She brings her love of the arts into her methodology to create fun and unique ways of understanding what true self compassion can do.